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Super Clean Toner

Super Clean Toner

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Cucumber facial toner for dry and normal skin types

Organic Witch Hazel Based & Alcohol Free

Refresh, and even your complexion with this cleansing toner. Witch hazel based, and formulated to clear pores, soothe irritation, and promote healthy oil production. Rosemary leaf extract is known to purify skin, while cucumber extract cools, and softens. Without alcohol, Super Clean will leave skin feeling fresh, not tight. 

Organic Witch Hazel Based & Alcohol Free

Pure essential oils make this toner stand out from the rest. Bulgarian lavender, lemon, and, of course, tea tree make for a truly refreshing product.

Ingredients: (Organic) Witch Hazel Distillate (&) Potassium Sorbate (&) Vitamin C, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Essential Oils, Love

Directions: Shake well, spritz onto a cotton ball or tissue, rub gently all over skin.

2 fl. oz.

vegan & palm free

Glass bottle with spray cap

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