About Us

The Summary

We are a company that truly cares about a lot of things. We care about animals, our community, and the environment, but mostly we care about you! The Fanciful Fox is a line of natural, vegan bath and body products. All of our creations are hand crafted in micro batches with the finest plant ingredients, and topped off with a whole lot of love. We believe in the radical idea that if it goes on your skin it should be good for you! That’s why we leave out all of the junk, so you’ll never find any nasty chemicals, gross fillers, or downright unpronounceable words in any of our products.

Photo by Fumihiko Sugino, for Pen Magazine.

The Duo from Amanda's Perspective

My mother and I began The Fanciful Fox in our basement one rainy afternoon around the time I was eleven. We started with candles, so many candles! After we couldn't find anyone to give them away to anymore, we hauled our goods to local craft shows selling here and there. From candles, we moved on to more difficult projects, and after some time we taught ourselves how to make soap. From there the passion, or obsession, grew.

Somewhere near the beginning of The Fox, we both decided to become vegan. We were shown the horrors of multiple industries that treat animals as commodities. Vowing to be different, we still stay true to our cruelty-free lifestyle. Never once have we used animal derived products, or ingredients tested on animals. Luckily, we've had a plethora of dirty vegans to test our final products on.

Respect has always been a running theme with our entire company. In order to do business, and sleep at night we've learned that being ethical doesn't always come easy. To keep our prices reasonable, while still using high quality ingredients, we've learned to do a lot of things ourselves. Keeping out the middle man, and doing absolutely everything in house including label design and printing, helps to keep us moderately priced without having to sacrifice our quality.