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Night & Day Eye Cream Duo

Night & Day Eye Cream Duo

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We decided, sometimes two is better than one. This duo combines both of our dreamy eye creams. Bright Eyes was formulated to wake up eyes and relieve morning puffiness. Night Eyes aims more to soothe and calm skin before bed. Both gear up to fight the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Treat yourself or someone else to the beauty of both. 

Bright Eyes: Keep those eyes bright with the help of this light & powerful eye cream. Infused with known beneficial toning & anti-inflammatory plant extracts like hibiscus & cucumber. A touch of caffeine is known to help with puffiness, and a bit of licorice may help with those pesky dark circles.

Night Eyes: Keep those eyes bright, even at night with this age defying natural cream. It’s  loaded with potent botanical extracts, like citrus and sugar maple, to keep puffy eyes at bay. Night Eyes' formula blends trusted ingredients that may help to reduce dark circles and minimize inflammation to prevent tissue damage. Packed with power to help diminish wrinkles, promote firmness, and help with elasticity. While you sleep, be sure that this cream is working to keep your skin smooth, soft, and lookin’ young!


Each jar is: 1 oz / 30 ml 

vegan & palm free

Glass jar with metal screw top lid

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