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Unicorn Dreams Whipped Cream

Unicorn Dreams Whipped Cream

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Highly concentrated, this intense moisturizer isn’t messing around. Organic shea butter whipped to perfection moisturizes, while intense organic hemp oil soaks deep into your skin for maximum hydration. Use it head to toe daily for super soft skin.

What does a unicorn dream about? Can't know for sure, but it might just be this fluffy lavender and vanilla scented whip.

Ingredients: (Organic & Fair Trade) Shea Butter, (Organic) Hemp Seed Oil, (Organic) Coconut Oil, (Organic & Fair Trade) Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Love


*Due to the nature of the natural ingredients in this product it may melt

3 oz / 85 g

vegan & palm free

Glass jar, aluminum lid

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