Which Face Moisturizer is Right for You?

We've developed a few different facial moisturizers to cover different issues you may be facing. Here's a little crash course on each one, hopefully it will help you make a decision for yourself as to which is best for you.

Save Face

Save face is our original formula aloe vera based moisturizer. A light, and fluffy option that is sure to absorb quickly, making it a perfect day cream to layer under makeup. This is a great choice for a low maintenance routine, or if you have issues with "feeling" a product on your skin. Also, it would make a wonderful option for people with red spot, or light scarring issues, aloe's great for that!

Blemish Buster

Blemish Buster was formulated for acne prone skin. It focuses on balancing skin's natural oil production. It's alcohol free formula is designed to tone, soothe, and kick pimple booty. It absorbs almost as quickly as Save Face making it a great option for day or night. It's also an ideal choice for those with combination skin (oily in some spots, dry in others).

About Face

About Face is our first stop on the anti-aging train. It's light, and another option for morning or night. It's soothing, and tightening, but not too heavy for underneath makeup. It's chemical free, and totally natural with no added animal ingredients (duh)! A fantastic option for someone looking to fight time with nature!

Present Perfect

Present Perfect is our "kitchen sink" recipe. A formula in which we've added every single one of our favorite age fighting ingredients. It's a little heavier than the others meaning many people prefer it as a night cream. It's an excellent choice for a extra dose of moisture, and loving care. One of our most popular products through the years, for sure!

The Moroccan Specialty

If you're more of an oil person than a cream person, then this is the magical product for you! A staff favorite, for sure! It's organic argan oil base makes this serum sink into your skin like no other. It's definitely a heavier product for sure, and not always the best to layer under makeup. We often say it's best used at night, heavily. It helps to balance skin out, and provide anti-aging benefits. One might say, it has the benefits of all our cream based moisturizers combined!

If you're still having trouble deciding, please reach out to us! We'd love to help!

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