What Magic Scrub is Best for YOU?

What Magic Scrub is Best for YOU?


There’s nothing quite like the fresh feeling you get after scrubbing your face. Regular exfoliating helps you feel rejuvenated, and glowy.

That’s why we’ve created a line of magic cleansing scrubs that leave you feeling just that…glowy. Each and every scrub is made with completely natural ingredients. No unneeded plastic beads, no gross chemicals, and definitely nothing that will clog your pores.

It’s all a balance game. Scrubbing your face too roughly, or too often can be damaging. We recommend starting your magic routine three times a week, and adjusting as necessary. If you find your skin starting to feel raw or extremely red after use, try adjusting to once a week, and so forth. The most important thing you can do is listen to your skin.


White magic is our finest facial exfolator. A base of kaolin clay, and ground lavender gently cleanse skin leaving it feeling supple, and moisturized. It’s best for those with extremely sensitive or dry skin. This Magic would also work for those with normal skin looking for an every other day exfoliator.


Black Magic is our most detoxifying facial exfoliator. A base of Dead Sea mud, and black sand help to clear pores, and gently scrub away excess oil, dirt, and grime. It’s a medium grain scrub that is best for using about three times a week. Better for people with oily, and acne prone skin.  


Invigorating and coarse, this scrub is best for those looking to exfoliate deeply. Barista magic is great for ridding your skin of dirt, grime, or makeup after a long day. Due to its coarseness, it’s better to be used two or three times a week, and not by those with extremely sensitive skin.

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