The Proper Way to Burn a Candle

There is a right way to burn candles. To create the perfect ambiance, and ideal scent throw follow our steps below!

  1. Make sure your wick is trimmed ⅛ - ¼ inch long every time you light it. A wick too long may result in an uneven burn, or black smudging on the glass jar.
  2. Burn your candle long enough for the burnpool to reach the sides of the jar. This usually is anywhere from 1-3 hours. Do not burn for short intervals. Burning for short amounts of time will result in tunneling, which is exactly what it sounds like. Tunnelling leaves wax build up on the outside of the jar, and will inhibit burning if the wick has tunneled too far. 
  3. Do not leave matches, wick trimmings or anything else in your candle. That will mess up the burn, and possibly lead to a hazard.

Follow these basic steps, and your sure to have the best, most relaxing experience. 

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