The Power of Essential Oils

There are so many reasons to only use natural essential oils over their synthetic fragrance oil counterparts.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are distilled from real plants making them totally natural. After distillation, these pure potant oils retain the scent, and some powerful benefits of the plants they are made from. For instance, we use rosemary essential oil in our Super Hero shampoo. Rosemary not only has a sharp, earthy smell that we love, but it's also said to help stimulate hair growth, and relieve itchiness from dandruff!  We're sure you've heard of the benefits of tea tree, a bad ass anti-inflammatory, and super astrigent. That's why you'll find it in most of our face care. The list goes on and on. Find more details about the essential oils we use in specific products, and why on any product detail page.

They're better for the environment!

Essential oils decompose making them a simple choice for those concerned with their environmental footprint. Synthetic fragrance oils depending on how they're made don't always return to the earth so easily, adding to many problems with water pollution.

You will always only find pure essential oils in our products. We strive to use the highest quality possible, and organic whenever available.