Plant Your Label Paper!

The label paper we use for our bar soaps, and some of our plastic free products is completely biodegradable. It has a unique texture to it due to the embedded wild flower seeds. Find the full details below! 

This handmade lotka paper is made in the highlands of Nepal by rural crafts people in an environmentally friendly process with 50% recycled content. The raw material for the label is the Daphne bush. It is farmed, and harvested from 3-4 year old plants that are cut down, and stripped of their bark. The plant is not destroyed when cut down; it regenerates from the root. The cane like stick, once its bark is removed is dried and used as fire wood. All of the water used in the paper production is reclaimed, and reused. The bark is beaten by hand, and boiled to break it down to a pulp, it is then poured into screens to form the sheets. These sheets are then dried in the sun. The whole process is not only earth friendly, but also provides a large community with a healthy enterprise.

Not only can you recycle this paper, you can compost it, or even plant it, and watch flowers bloom. These labels have been embedded with a combination of tiny seeds that will grow in North America. The seeds found in the paper include 10 annual, and perennial species which tolerate partial shade, need four hours a day of direct sunlight, and grow to about 3'. Seeds include Snapdragon, Petunia, Beardtongue, Daisy, Thyme, Poppy, Foxglove, Catchfly, Maiden Pinks, and Chamomile. If you plant this paper in a pot, or in your garden, cover with just 1/8" of soil, and keep moist until established as germinating seeds, and seedlings cannot survive even a brief drought. 

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