Hybrid Scrub Set

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Hybrid scrubs are half exfoliator, half moisturizer.

A zero waste duo that aims to smooth that glorious skin of yours.

Sugar Sugar was born from the need to “de-scalify” our skin during the harsh cold of winter, and our obsession to be polished during the summer. It is a solid body butter bar with organic, fair trade raw sugar mixed throughout. So, you can exfoliate, and moisturize at the same time. We find this is a great product to use before shaving.

Shoop was created from our love of salt and pepper together. This Himalayan pink salt scrub has a spicy black pepper, lavender essential oil blend. Organic, Fair Trade cocoa and shea butters moisturize, and organic jojoba oil smooths dryness. Perfect for exfoliating during the winter, and polishing in the summer.

Both Sugar Sugar, and Shoop are intended as body scrubs, so it may be too abrasive for faces.

Directions: For use in shower, as the last step of your routine. Dampen skin, break off a piece of Sugar Sugar, and rub all over your skin. Gently rinse off, and pat dry.

This set comes with one each of: Sugar Sugar, and Shoop

Approx. 1.5 wt. oz. each

Solid body butter bars that come in a biodegradable wrappers.
May Melt