Witchy Brew Room Spray

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We've revamped our room spray to create a product that will give you the experience of a candle without the flame. This room spray will fill any room with the scent of pure essential oil. Hand mixed with pure essential oils to create a product that will enhance the vibe, and add a real spooky element. Grounding patchouli, warm frankincense, and spicy cinnamon come together to create a super Autumnal blend. Nothing smells more like fall to us than this blend. It's one of our favorites, and we look forward to showcasing it every year.

Each bottle has a trigger spray top that has an easy to use locking mechanism on the neck. Press the button firmly to unlock the sprayer, and spray away. Spray the air, your pillows, or your clothes. It's a safe, nontoxic spray that can be used on pretty much anything. With delicate fabrics, always test a small area first.

8 fl. oz.

Glass, Plastic Sprayer